Wood Blinds

Our basswood blinds are handcrafted in our facility from genuine hardwood slats. Custom made for a flawless fit, including placement cords and ladders, our basswood blinds are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Choose from our wide collection of basswood blinds to suit your budget and needs. Our Premium collection of basswood blinds is composed of the finest hardwoods. Hand-selected premium basswood in the richest painted, stained and custom-color finishes imaginable.

The ultimate in designer style, our Specialty Wood Blinds are a category unto themselves. Hand-selected genuine woods - bamboo, cedar, oak, cherry - make this selection the ultimate in chic! As flawlessly made as our finest woods at prices that fit the tightest budget, our value wood blinds and faux wood blinds are a great option.


Aluminum mini-blinds from Great Windows are crafted with uncompromised quality and unsurpassed engineering. Our aluminum blinds not only look great but are easy to install. Custom made and manufactured in our factory, Great Windows room darkening aluminum blinds are made from the finest aluminum alloy and spring tempered to hold its shape.

Made with only top-grade components for smooth operation, our Aluminum mini-blinds are available in a large variety of lead-free colors baked on for lasting beauty. Check out the Great Windows aluminum mini-blinds options:

Verticle Blinds

Vertical blinds from Great Windows are custom made with exceptional quality perfect for your home. Custom made to our exact standards in our factory, our vertical window blinds are assured with engineering and craftsmanship of the highest quality.

Vertical Vinyl blinds are a great option for high traffic areas. The textured vinyl provides a great element in design while maintaining durability. Our fabric verticals are the choice for living or bedrooms. For a more formal look, soften up a room with color and texture with our vertical fabric blinds.

Fitted with our exclusive pos-tilt rotation feature, experience vertical window blinds that assure the vanes remain perfectly synchronized no matter how far they twist. Peruse our selection of vertical blinds in stylish colors, that gently filter light while providing privacy.


Roman Shades

Roman shades are a simple and practical window treatment to accent a room or to provide privacy from bright sun or noisy neighbors. A Roman shade is a piece of fabric that is mounted at the top of a window or inside the window frame (see picture on the right). The fabric is pleated such that when the Roman shade’s string is pulled, the fabric folds up in regular intervals. Classic Roman shades have overlapping folds when the shade is lowered, but more different treatments do exist. Flat Roman shades have no folds when the shade is lowered. These shades, when made with sheer or light fabric, can soften bright southern lighting into a subtle, soothing light. A more elaborate sunburst Roman shade has extra fabric at the bottom, which is folded into a half-sunburst. These cheerful shades are perfect for breakfast nooks, in the kitchen, or in a young girl’s room. You can combine Roman shades with another window treatment. Keep the shades in a neutral color, and surround them with more elaborate curtains, or make Roman shades look more finished by adding a fabric-covered board at the top in the same fabric or a complement.

Fabric Roller Shades

A fabric roller shade is a very affordable window treatment, because it requires only enough fabric to cover the window and the hardware cost is minimal. For a basic roller shade, fuse a simple hem at the lower edge. Or, for a distinctive look, add tabs and a decorative rod with finials, shape the lower edge, or make a lace cutout. Pulley-system shades are easily raised and lowered, to the desired height by pulling a cord on the side of the shade. These shades can be made from kits, complete with fusible shade backing that controls light and gives a uniform white appearance from the outside of the house. Depending on the brand of the kit, the shade fabric is attached either to an adjustable metal roller or to a cardboard roller that is cut to size.

Austrian Shades

The Austrian Shade is made in shirred vertical sections. When raised the Austrian Shade rises into full poufs. When lowered, the Austrian maintains it's ruffling effect. This shade style lends itself best to Sheer and light weight Fabrics.

Pleated Balloon Shades

The Pleated Balloon Shade is a very attractive option and can add a formal look to your windows. Soft fabrics work best if the shade is going raised and lowered on a regular basis. Stiffer fabrics work well if the shade is going to be mostly stationary. The fullness in the shade and the scalloped deep set folds need to be hand dressed to maximize its appearance. Pricing includes lining in either white or ivory. This balloon shade can be outside-mounted for a dramatic window treatment effect, or it can be mounted inside otherwise difficult to dress windows such as palladium windows, bay windows, or bow windows.

Skylight Shades

Skylight Shades let you enjoy the benefits of your skylight while lowering your electric bill and eliminating the heat and UV damage that causes sun-fading to your carpets and furniture. Year-Round Protection We recommend using skylight shades year-round! Skylight Shades keep your room cooler and help protect your furniture and carpets from sun damage in the heat of the summer. During the winter Skylight Shades can help keep your interiors warmer by reflecting internal heat back inside!!


Wood Shutters

Incorporating wood into your interior design elements is a wonderful way to add elegance and warmth into your home. If you like the look of wood, one way to use it in your design is with interior wood shutters. They look nice, can be used alone or with additional window treatments, and allow for both natural light and privacy.

Additional benefits to using wood interior shutters is that they offer insulation during cold weather, are easy to clean, and are good options for homes with interior decoration for children. As they are sturdy and typically do not use a cord for opening and closing (which poses a choking hazard for young children). .

Choosing Interior Shutters

As soon as you begin shopping for interior shutters, you will soon discover that there are many suppliers from which to choose. As with all types of purchases, comparing prices, styles, and options will help you make the best decision. First, determine your budget. This can help narrow your choices, or at least point you in a certain direction. Interior shutters can vary greatly in price. If your budget allows you greater flexibility, one way to narrow your options is by choosing a general style.

The best interior wood design shutters by ponderosa offer a number of looks, as there is build-in flexibility. Wood shutters are more expensive than faux, but they are durable and stylish. If you prefer a real wood, this may be the way to go. These shutters can be stained or painted to meet your design preferences. Interior faux wood shutters also come in a variety of looks, but you will have to choose from one of the available colors. If you're on a budget, however, faux shutters can save you a bit of money. They are often nearly half the cost of real wood shutters.

Keep in mind that real wood shutters require different care than faux wood interior shutters. If you have young children, for example, you may want to consider interior faux wood shutters, as materials such as plastic and vinyl can be cleaned easier (and crayon will come off much easier!).

As with all major purchases, find out your options ahead of time as far as customer satisfaction and warranties. This is particularly important when purchasing custom-made shutters. If you decide you don't like them, will you have any options for returning or exchanging them? Warranty considerations are also important on any type of shutter, particularly those claiming to last a lifetime.

Warranties vary from one manufacturer to another, so be sure to inquire about this. In addition, many warranties are considered void if the product is not installed using specific methods. If you plan to install your shutters yourself, you may inadvertently void any warranty.

Learn first how to build wood shutters. And find out if the shutters chosen must be installed professionally for the warranty to remain in effect. Some companies offer free installation, so look for this option as well. If you choose to install the shutters yourself, consider looking for those with pre-drilled holes, so you won't have to do that part yourself. This option also helps eliminate the possibility of your damaging the shutters during the installation process.

Caring for wood shutters

Real wood shutters will need more maintenance than the faux kind, but some people find that it's not that much extra work, and the look of the real wood is worth it. If your shutters are painted, they will probably need repainting at some point in time. For stained wood shutters, care for them as you do you wood furniture.

Use a quality polish when cleaning. You can find specialty-made dusting tools for slotted shutters. Vinyl and plastic shutters are quite easy to care for, which makes them ideal if you have young children or simply want a low-maintenance shutter. No matter if you have wood or faux shutters, if they're in a high-moisture area, such as a bathroom, check for mildew on occasion.

Vinyl Shutters

Interior vinyl shutters offer an affordable and stylish alternative to real wood or other window treatment options. Vinyl house shutters come in a variety of colors, including natural, that rival their real wood counterparts.

Even if you are not on a budget, vinyl shutters offer an easy-to-care-for alternative. They're durable, and for those with young children, they offer an option that is easily cleaned. They also handle tough environments well, such as high humidity areas. For those who are on a budget, vinyl interior shutters are often priced at about forty percent less than real wood shutters.

Contrary to their wood counterparts, vinyl shutters are extremely durable, and often come with a lifetime warranty. Because they are not painted, you don't need to worry about them cracking or peeling.

They also don't show dings that wood does, and even when scratched, it does not show as much, because the color runs through the vinyl. Aside from cleaning, they require very little maintenance.

Because they can withstand harsh environments, vinyl shutters work well in children's rooms, high-humidity rooms such as bathrooms, and in geographical areas with high humidity. They will not warp like wood does, and they are more resistant to mold and mildew.

What you need to know

Vinyl shutters are actually hollow. While this may seem like a disadvantage, it can actually be a positive and possibly a negative. This allows for greater insulating qualities, which can be a big plus. This also allows more light to come through, which some people may not like. If this is the case, a real wood shutter may be a better option. In addition, because the shutters are hollow, they require caps to cover the ends. Be sure that any vinyl shutters you consider have these caps. Some people find them unattractive, but others don't mind.

When shopping, look carefully at all aspects of the shutters so you know exactly what you are purchasing. While vinyl can look a lot like real wood, you can see a difference. A texturing process gives an appearance of real wood, but the material feels a lot like plastic (this is also why it's so easy to clean). If this bothers you, consider real wood. If not, the price and other benefits may be enough to convince you that vinyl is a good choice for your home.

Even though they are not made of real wood, many people like the look of interior shutters. As such, vinyl shutters can increase your resale value just as real wood shutters do. It may not be as much of an increase, but again, others may appreciate the benefits. In addition, because vinyl is now used in many other applications (such as external siding), many people are more open to the idea of vinyl design elements.

Just as with wood shutters, vinyl can be custom made for your home. Your options are not as extensive as with real wood, but you can order shutters to fit your windows and choose from a range of vinyl shutter colors.

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