Windows Shades

If you are looking for something to give your rooms a new look, you may want to consider window shades. Window shades can add a whole new look to every window in your home, and they can save you money (If your windows are not energy efficient in your home, you can add window treatments to your windows that will help your windows to be more energy efficient). Shades soften the light that comes through the window, they can also diffuse light or outright block it for total darkness. Any room can be decorated by choosing the tailored look of a Roman shade, the softness of a hobbled shade, the full and lush appearance of a balloon shade or the ease in operation of a side-draw shade. You can add other window treatments such as draperies, valances, swags, cornices and shutters to enhance the look.

Roman Shades

Roman shades are a simple and practical window treatment to accent a room or to provide privacy from bright sun or noisy neighbors. A Roman shade is a piece of fabric that is mounted at the top of a window or inside the window frame (see picture on the right). The fabric is pleated such that when the Roman shade’s string is pulled, the fabric folds up in regular intervals. Classic Roman shades have overlapping folds when the shade is lowered, but more different treatments do exist. Flat Roman shades have no folds when the shade is lowered. These shades, when made with sheer or light fabric, can soften bright southern lighting into a subtle, soothing light. A more elaborate sunburst Roman shade has extra fabric at the bottom, which is folded into a half-sunburst. These cheerful shades are perfect for breakfast nooks, in the kitchen, or in a young girl’s room. You can combine Roman shades with another window treatment. Keep the shades in a neutral color, and surround them with more elaborate curtains, or make Roman shades look more finished by adding a fabric-covered board at the top in the same fabric or a complement.

Fabric Roller Shades

A fabric roller shade is a very affordable window treatment, because it requires only enough fabric to cover the window and the hardware cost is minimal. For a basic roller shade, fuse a simple hem at the lower edge. Or, for a distinctive look, add tabs and a decorative rod with finials, shape the lower edge, or make a lace cutout. Pulley-system shades are easily raised and lowered, to the desired height by pulling a cord on the side of the shade. These shades can be made from kits, complete with fusible shade backing that controls light and gives a uniform white appearance from the outside of the house. Depending on the brand of the kit, the shade fabric is attached either to an adjustable metal roller or to a cardboard roller that is cut to size.

Austrian Shades

The Austrian Shade is made in shirred vertical sections. When raised the Austrian Shade rises into full poufs. When lowered, the Austrian maintains it's ruffling effect. This shade style lends itself best to Sheer and light weight Fabrics.

Pleated Balloon Shades

The Pleated Balloon Shade is a very attractive option and can add a formal look to your windows. Soft fabrics work best if the shade is going raised and lowered on a regular basis. Stiffer fabrics work well if the shade is going to be mostly stationary. The fullness in the shade and the scalloped deep set folds need to be hand dressed to maximize its appearance. Pricing includes lining in either white or ivory. This balloon shade can be outside-mounted for a dramatic window treatment effect, or it can be mounted inside otherwise difficult to dress windows such as palladium windows, bay windows, or bow windows.

Skylight Shades

Skylight Shades let you enjoy the benefits of your skylight while lowering your electric bill and eliminating the heat and UV damage that causes sun-fading to your carpets and furniture. Year-Round Protection We recommend using skylight shades year-round! Skylight Shades keep your room cooler and help protect your furniture and carpets from sun damage in the heat of the summer. During the winter Skylight Shades can help keep your interiors warmer by reflecting internal heat back inside!!

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