Windows treatments

What Does Your Room Need?

To determine the best window treatment style to meet the needs in the room, ask yourself the following?

  • DECORATIVE APPEAL: Is the treatment just for ornamental impact?
  • FABRIC SELECTION: Are the treatments meant to be statements or accents?
  • WORMING TOUCH: Does the room fell austere and need to be visually warmed?
  • PRIVACY AND LIGHT CONTROL: Do you want the treatment to open and close?
  • ENERGY-SAVING PROPERTIES: Should the treatments reduce energy consumption?
  • NOISE CONTROL: Do you need to block outdoor sounds?
  • ILLUSION EFFECTS: Do you want to hide room flaws or visually alter the window size?

The Impact of Color

Different colors evoke emotional responses, making you feel a certain way when you spend time in one room. Here are some of the feelings that are elicited from color.

  • BLACK: dramatic, sophisticated Image
  • BLUE: peaceful, serene
  • BROWN: nurtured, secure
  • GREEN: refreshed, comforted
  • ORANGE: radiant, creative
  • PINK: lighthearted, youthful
  • PURPLE: passionate, spiritual
  • RED: stimulates, exited
  • YELLOW: energetic, optimistic
  • WHITE: pure, calm

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